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Cone's Green Team Tip

With the warm weather finally here, many farmers markets are officially open for the season. It’s so refreshing to buy food from the person who produced it- it simplifies today’s high-tech society and gives our bodies a break from the often factory-produced, over-processed food we eat. Every mo

NBC's "Green is Universal" Program Raises Eyebrows

While I appreciate and respect the intent of NBC’s “ Green is Universal” program, it has been causing significant backlash as viewers question the eco-authenticity of the commitment.  Most people don’t know that NBC’s parent company, General Electric, is one of the nation’s most co

Better business: Make 'green' claims honest and provable

The market for greener products and services has increased in recent years. At the same time, a survey by Cone, a strategy and communications agency engaged in building brand trust, found that many consumers misunderstand what terms like "green" or "environmentally friendly" mean.

The Power of Green Marketing

“Consumers in the United States are expected to double their spending on green products and services in the next year to an estimated $500 billion,” according to an annual consumer survey by Landor Associates.

Build it green and they will buy?

Everything seems to be turning green. And there is nothing wrong with that – companies creating new, innovative products and services that are good for them and good for the environment. But consumers haven’t completely bought into this yet. A number of green products aren’t flying off the she

Looking Behind the Green Screen

It’s not all butterflies and rainbows when it comes to effective environmental advertising. Or is it? The Biennial Green Ad Language Study by the Soap Group found environmental language in ads is down – only nine percent of the 100 ads researchers examined included language describing the green

The Sierra Club and Green Works

Relationships are rarely easy, but this one sounded like a partnership made in heaven.  The parties complemented each other well, and the partnership wasn’t based in superficialities.  We’re talking about the relationship between the Sierra Club and Clorox’s line of Green Works clean

FTC Green Guides – What the Proposed Changes Mean for Marketers

On Wednesday, after more than two years of long-anticipated review, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released proposed changes to its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (aka Green Guides). The issues addressed in the two-page synopsis of changes are summed up simply by FTC Chairm

Americans Value Honesty Over Perfection In Environmental Marketing

Three years after Cone conducted its 2008 Green Gap Survey, the latest look at Americans’ perceptions of environmental marketing claims proves not much has changed. Sadly, consumers are still confused and overwhelmed, according to the 2011 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker. The data reveal many co

Shared Responsibility: Green Tchotchkes - An Oxymoron?

I’ve spent the past year attending many conferences. Green conferences. Sustainability conferences. I’ve also spent time counseling clients on corporate responsibility thought leadership strategies and how to engage with key influencers. Some of these discussions go down to the pedantic, such as

Earth Day 2011 - A Billion Ads of Green?

This year’s Earth Day theme is “A Billion Acts of Green,” but it may seem more like a billion ads. Beginning with your morning coffee, you’ll likely encounter special eco-efforts all day long. Environmental Leader shares a brief round-up of promotions, and The Huffington Post highlights “E

Be As Green As You Can Be

There’s a revolution brewing among the under-16 set. A new wave of personal advocacy and responsibility is taking root as kids are becoming more and more involved with issues of social responsibility—and starting to teach their parents about sustainability. I recently experienced this firsthand

Consumers Still Have Green Expectations

Despite the pinch of the economic recession, 44 percent indicated their environmental shopping habits have not, according to results of the 2009 Cone Consumer Environmental Survey.

Do Execs Grasp Green?

It may not be news that consumers are often unaware of corporate environmental initiatives, but would it surprise you to hear corporate executives may also be out of touch? The 2011 Gibbs & Soell Sense & Sustainability Study revealed 88 percent of FORTUNE 1000 executives report their compani

Green Street Cred: Seventh Generation and Walmart

Getting your CPG product on Walmart shelves has long stood as the holy grail of retail visibility. Yet some brands have intentionally avoided Walmart, one being Seventh Generation whose founder Jeffrey Hollender once claimed that "hell would freeze over before Seventh Generation would ever do busine

Beauty and the Green Consumer

As beauty brands work to reduce their environmental impact, consumers are increasingly overwhelmed and skeptical. Despite all the progress, Cone Communications’ 2012 Green Gap Tracker uncovered that only 44% of U.S. consumers trust brands’ environmental claims.

Green Fatigue?

A column in yesterday’s Environmental Leader addressed the so-called “green noise” or “green fatigue” some believe is beginning to plague consumers.  Is the deluge of often contradictory environmental messages overwhelming consumers?  The answer is yes and no.   

It's Not as Easy as Being "Green"

Title:  It's Not as Easy as Being "Green"   In the first time in a decade, the Federal Trade Commission is revising its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (the "Green Guides"). In the June issue of CRO magazine, Mike Lawrence and Liz Gorman share their perspective on ho

Glad Cuts the Hyperbole for Its New Green Trash Bag

How much are marketers of green products scaling back ambitious efforts to sell eco-friendlier brands as life-changers and planet-savers? Well, a line of recycled paper products, introduced by Marcal in 2009, bears the name Small Steps rather than something grander like Giant Leaps.

2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker

Eight-in-ten Americans don’t believe companies are addressing all of their environmental impacts, and only 44 percent trust companies’ green claims. This skepticism may even affect sales. In fact, as many as 77 percent would be willing to boycott if misled, according to the 2012 Cone Green Gap T

Green Buyers Grow As Economy Sinks

Despite the dire state of the economy, 34 percent of American consumers indicate they are more likely to buy environmentally responsible products today, and another 44 percent indicate their environmental shopping habits have not changed as a result of the economy.

Do Green Claims Support Consumer Action?

In 2008, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) began a series of public workshops to review its “Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims.” Initial sessions focused on carbon offsets, product packaging (for which Cone shared findings from its 2008 Green Gap Survey) and buildings an

Waiting for the (Green) Shoe to Drop

Glitz, glam and… green? Decidedly not – at least for now. As Fashion Week concludes in New York City, the latest trends, styles and colors have been the spotlight – and noticeably absent is a focus on environmentally and socially conscious design and production. And although American consumers

Red Goes White, But What About Green?

It may still be October, but one brand is already dreaming of a white Christmas. For the first time, Coca-Cola is turning its iconic red cans white, all in the name of a holiday cause promotion dubbed “Arctic Home” benefiting the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Elana Leoni

I agree. I too raised my eyebrow at NBC's attempt at a Green campaign. As a result of the many examples you shared (Sunday Night Football, Housewives of Orange County etc)it gave me a perception that NBC wasn't fully committed to this cause and even poked fun at it a bit, despite their efforts.One t

Consumers May Not Be “Buying” Companies’ Environmental Claims

We're pleased to share our newest environmental research, the 2012 Cone Green Gap Trend Tracker, the third in a series of benchmark surveys examining American consumers' perceptions of environmental marketing. The good news: Americans continue to buy with the environment in mind. The bad news: consu

2011 Green Gap Trend Tracker

Americans continue to misunderstand phrases commonly used in environmental marketing and advertising, giving products a greater halo than they may deserve. At the same time, most Americans are willing to punish a company for using misleading claims. Of the 71 percent who will stop buying the product

Green Products Take the Stage

For years, environmentally friendly products have played second fiddle to traditional merchandise: cordoned off in a special section of the store, relegated to a certain part of the website and treated as an atypical purchase. Now, green products are finally ready for their big break.   A

Green$ense During Economic Nonsense

Like everybody else in a down economy, Americans are doing whatever they can to stretch what little money they have as far as it will go.  So you can imagine how attractive a new offer from Citizens Bank promising customers an additional $120 a year in their checking account sounds; especi

Casey Brennan

We love to see results!


I'm pretty sure Starbucks has the recognition to sell coffee if they jut used a green and white cup.

Cone Named to CSR A-List

Cone Communications is pleased to announce the agency has once again been named to the PR News CSR A-List recognizing the top 10 CSR agencies in the country.

2008 Green Gap Survey

Cone, in collaboration with The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, is pleased to announce the release of our latest research, the 2008 Green Gap Survey. This year, the FTC began a series of public workshops to review its Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims (the "Green

Tapping into #Green Hispanics through Social Media Influencers

With Americans spending more than two billion hours on social media each month, it's hard to deny that brands need to be a part of the conversation. But companies seeking an authentic consumer engagement might have to take their social strategies one step further. Increasingly, brands are harnessing

Tip Sheet: Green Or Shades of Grey? A Green Guides Primer

Communicators continue to struggle with how and when to articulate green attributes. Exaggerated claims and complex issues have created challenges for PR professionals. Terms such as “recyclable” and “recycled” are often misunderstood. “Compostable” and “biodegradable” are interchang

Beyond Purchase: Helping Consumers Close the Loop

With Earth Day just weeks away, our 2013 Cone Communications Green Gap Trend Tracker reveals that the environment is top-of-mind for consumers – and not just at store shelves but at home as well, signaling a critical call-to-action for marketers. A record-high 71 percent of Americans consider the

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