Social Impact


We’re always up for a challenge, and there’s nothing as gratifying as engaging millions of people to take action against important issues through our hard work. We create and execute compelling, differentiated, business-building strategies and programs around commitments to positive social impact. At Cone Communications, we believe brands can create enduring trust and loyalty by supporting issues that consumers care about. Our research shows that 94% of global consumers expect companies to productively use their assets to drive impact. This creates pressure to act, and leadership organizations are responding by making corporate social responsibility a core part of their operating strategies. We partner with organizations to determine what issues they care most about, and then harness their unique assets—like brands, expertise, people, money, and products—to deliver results.

What Sets Us Apart

For +30 years, our work has helped brands to touch millions of lives, deliver dramatic business results, and raise more than $1B for important issues.

  • Deep Subject-Matter Expertise: Our knowledge in areas critical to developing successful social impact programs is unmatched.
  • Focus on Results: Our focus on delivering tangible, measurable impact is core to everything we do.
  • Collaboration: Our flexible, efficient, expert teams have highly developed collaboration and facilitation skills.
  • Passion for Innovation: We are driven to make the world a better place, in which bold, innovative ideas transform individuals, organizations and our planet.
  • Research: Cone’s groundbreaking research on business and social impact sets the standard for the industry.


  • Signature Social Impact Platforms
  • Cause Marketing
  • Social Return Assessment
  • Issues-driven Strategic Brand Building
  • Strategic Philanthropy
  • Employee Volunteer Programs and Engagement Strategies
  • Nonprofit Strategy
  • Thought Leadership
  • Email