Google and Stella McCartney Join Forces for Transparent Supply Chains

From awareness campaigns like Fashion Revolution’s #WhoMadeMyClothes to brand new multi-partner initiatives such as Fashion Futures 2030, the fashion industry has become the focus of a lot of stakeholder attention. Indeed, there is a push from all sides to create more sustainable and transparent solutions for the industry – especially considering it accounts for 20 percent of wastewater and 10 percent of carbon emissions globally. Now a new partnership between two diverse companies aims to provide more insight into retail supply chains for the advancement of the entire industry.

Qantas Airlines Launches First Zero Waste Flight

This year, nine billion passengers are expected to fly around the world – and that number is expected to continue to grow. This rise in air traffic will also increase the massive impact it creates on the environment. In fact,  according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), “air transport contributes to 4.9 per cent of human-caused climate change, including emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.” Now, airlines are looking for creative ways to tackle the immense impact of the industry.

Paying it Forward for Teacher Appreciation Week

Education is perhaps one of the most critical issues facing our country’s future; from workforce development and skills training to interpersonal skills, students are the key to our social and economic success. However, educators and school districts face a multitude of challenges, including limited public funding; insufficient technology; shortages of school supplies and learning materials – just to name a few.

Instagram Launches Donation Sticker for Stories Feature

1 billion individuals use Instagram every month – with more than 500 million using the platform on a daily basis. And although much of the content is centered around travel, shopping, experiences and Insta-friendly meals; increasingly, members are taking to online platforms to share their values. Indeed, our 2017 research found 82 percent of Gen Zers use social media to talk about issues they care about. In line with that insight, Instagram has launched a new feature to better enable its members to make an impact on things that matter to them personally.

Allbirds Partners with The Audubon Society for Endangered Bird Shoe Line

As issues like climate change, deforestation and water scarcity heat up, so too doe the plight of animals. In fact, there are more than 27,000 species threatened with extinction, according to the IUCN Red List, that is more than 27 percent of all assessed species. To bring awareness to threatened species, brands have been using their marketing bullhorn to share the message.

Giving Back and Inspiring Kindness on One Boston Day 2019

On April 15, 2013, the Boston community changed forever. The unthinkable, violent acts that took place at the Boston Marathon Finish Line were incomprehensible for everyone living in the city and beyond. Bostonians – along with the City of Boston, corporate and nonprofit community – rallied to combat hate by establishing One Boston Day, a day of remembrance for those who lost their lives or were affected in some way.

Burger King Offers Meat-Free Whopper to Entice New Fans

This week, Burger King announced that it will be partnering with plant-based startup Impossible Burger to offer the Impossible Whopper. The new Impossible Whopper will be a plant-based alternative to the original Whopper, and unlike traditional veggie burgers, is designed to mimic the look and texture of meat when cooked. And while the move will certainly appeal to vegan and vegetarian diners, Burger King is also hoping the burger will tempt meat-eaters who simply want an alternative to a traditional burger.

Tech and Trust Collide at SXSW

SXSW has always been a hotbed for innovations, announcements and debate in technology, but a rollercoaster year for the industry put a different spin on things at the recent 2019 event. Punctuated by Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to break up the tech giants – and the elaboration she provided during her SXSW keynote – regulation and the economics of tech were front-of-mind for many in attendance. Throughout the conference and subsequent panels, many of which grappled with ethics and technology, questions about regulation continued to trickle through.

Companies Come Together to Celebrate, Advocate for Women on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day (IWD), celebrated on March 8, honors the social, cultural, economic and political achievements of women around the world and serves as a call to action for gender parity. This year, companies across industries are coming together to celebrate and advocate for women in ways that will have lasting impacts.

The Next Wave of Employee Engagement: Takeaways from the Benevity Goodness Matters Conference

This week, the Cone team headed to the Benevity Goodness Matters conference in Palm Springs, California for more than two days of conversation around imagining what’s next in the world of employee engagement. The conference featured trends, insights and client stories, all focused on how organizations can better rally employees around company focus areas, as well as their personal passions.

World Social Justice Day: Brands Take Action to Educate and Inspire Consumers

Immigration. Climate Change. The White House administration. Today’s political and social environment is ripe for consumer activism. Since the beginning of 2016, one in five Americans have participated in some form of political rally. It’s no surprise that today’s consumer also looks to their brands – from the clothes they wear to the food they eat – with an expectation of accountability.