GE Healthcare Masters Social Impact Content Sharing on Instagram

With over 700 million users, Instagram has quickly become the go-to platform for younger audiences. And, as the social media channel grows and builds out its marketing abilities, brands are beginning their foray into the world of Instagram advertising. Recently, one brand took an entirely new approach, harnessing the platform to drive home a long-form social impact message on the short-form channel.

Inspired by her trips through India, Africa and Southeast Asia, GE Healthcare’s President of Sustainable Healthcare Solutions, Terri Bresenham, wanted to share the stories of women bringing healthcare to their communities. She and her team decided to bring these stories to life through a 30-minute documentary called Heroines of Health, following the lives of three women. Yet, the brand is taking an intriguing approach to distribution. GE Healthcare is sharing the documentary via a dedicated Instagram account, posting a one-minute clip of the film each day throughout the month. Explaining why Instagram was the right channel to share the content, Chief Communications Officer of GE Health, Sarah Wills, describes, “My team knew the 30-minute format would work well for live screenings, but for social we had to ask ourselves: How do we distribute this content in a way that is native to these platforms and reflects the way our audiences consume content today?” Instagram also allows the compelling clips to live independently along with a caption that provides some backstory to the clip, allowing viewers to jump into each video without viewing the previous ones. One week into launching the campaign, the videos already have more than 250,000 views, 80,000 likes and 400 bookmarks.

By breaking down the half-hour of footage into a series of short videos, the brand was able to deliver the content to an entirely new audience. This clever navigation of a platform that is built for short-term content shows GE’s ability to effectively harness a modern platform in a way that connects with the audience’s fast paced, mobile lifestyles.