Stella McCartney Brings Overconsumption to the Forefront of Fashion

Companies have been creating innovative products out of waste for years; and with each material advancement, the envelope is pushed further with more integrated, holistic communications campaigns. However, many of these previous campaigns skirted away from the gritty aspect of waste. Now, one fashion brand is taking a nontraditional approach to creating beauty out of waste.

Stella McCartney, a long-time sustainability advocate and animal rights activist, upheld her commitment to ethical fashion with a shocking look for the luxury brand’s 2017 fall campaign. With 300 million tons of plastic produced every year, half of which is for single-use, and 26 billion pounds of textiles going into landfills, McCartney’s campaign aims to shed light on the issue of overconsumption and single-use fashion. The brand contrasted its luxury-level designs against the backdrop of a landfill site which served as the location for the entire Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign shoot. Models can be seen navigating and laying on piles of trash in a video and photos that accompany the campaign. And the effort is more than just a racy photoshoot. Over half of the label’s womenswear collections are already made from sustainable and recycled materials and the brand has announced plans to use Parley for the Oceans’ recycled plastic yarn and Aquafil’s ECONYL® fiber, made from 100 percent regenerated nylon waste, in its line of shoes, accessories and outerwear. 

Oftentimes, by only showcasing the end result of repurposed material, it can be hard for consumers to connect the scale of the issue with the new, clean product. McCartney’s pioneering brand finally brought the issue to the forefront and made it impossible for consumers to ignore the inspiration for the brand’s environmental solution as well as the root issue of overconsumption and waste.