Announcing PN STANCE: If, When and How to Stand Up for Divisive Social Issues

Nike’s bold move to make Colin Kaepernick the face of “Just Do It.” Levi’s announcement that “Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of gun violence.” Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO stating its new gun control policy “Isn't going to make everyone happy.” Over the last year, we have seen many companies take risks around divisive issues - with varying degrees of success or failure. Today, most companies are struggling with if, when and how to use their voice, scale and reach to engage on issues.

To help companies know how to respond to increasing stakeholder pressure to stand up for the many societal issues taking center stage, Porter Novelli and Cone have launched PN STANCE, a first-of-its-kind product offering.

PNStance (002).png

PN STANCE is a four-step product offering that can be fully implemented in a 48-hour period, if needed.  It includes a working session with experts from Porter Novelli’s Purpose Practice, as well as a proprietary, real-time diagnostic tool. The tool guides organizations through a series of questions around three categories of Business Impact, Stakeholder Impact and Connection to Business. Each question is scored and each category is weighted. Upon completion, a final score will be automatically generated, along with a high-level recommendation for how to proceed. A more customized plan will be delivered shortly thereafter. Finally, there is an option to license the tool for future use as issues arise. 

Staying silent on these issues isn’t always an option. Seventy-eight percent of Americans expect companies to stand up for social justice issues and are buying and boycotting based upon a company’s beliefs and actions. While we believe it is important that companies engage, it is critical they do so in a way that aligns with their purpose and core values, their business and their stakeholders. This tool takes the emotion and personal passions out of the decision-making process. It gives companies the confidence that they have taken a strategic, thoughtful approach.

We believe it’s important for everyone to be Always Making a Difference – and our friends at Public Good are making it easy for you to do so. Try out the below actions and make an impact on an issue that matters to you.