Rice Krispies Treats Embraces Inclusivity for Back to School

With innovations to well-loved card games, stores and sports, brands of all kinds are pushing to make the world a more inclusive place for all individuals regardless of disabilities. Back-to-school can oftentimes be a period of adjustment, especially for the 62,000 visually impaired students in school currently. Now, one brand is seeking to make the classroom a more inclusive experience, helping visually impaired students feel the love when heading to school.

rice krispies.jpg

This back-to-school season, Rice Krispies Treats is partnering with the National Federation of the Blind to create “Love Notes” – a note specifically designed to tuck into a visually impaired student’s lunch box. The “Love Notes” series builds upon Rice Krispies Treats tradition of including a large white heart on its packaging where parents can write notes of love and encouragement to their children. Now, parents of visually impaired students can do the same. The “Love Notes” include Braille stickers with uplifting phrases like “You’ve Got This” and “Love You Lots” that can be attached to the Rice Krispies Treats package, and an audio-enabled box so parents can record a special message to their children. Parents can simply visit the “Love Notes” website to order the stickers and audio-enabled box, as well as learn the story behind the “Love Notes” idea and access resources for Braille education. 

A historically overlooked issue for corporate support, recently, we’ve seen more and more brands work to create inclusivity for individuals with disabilities. And for Rice Krispies Treats, the issue hits close to home, as founder W.K. Kellogg lost his sight during the last ten years of his life but continued to work full-time. The genuine tie to the issue and seamless integration into Rice Krispies Treats heart packaging makes the “Love Notes” not only authentic, but heartwarming.