A Fresh New Attitude For Cause

Some say attitude is everything. And as the dreary April showers finally subside, it’s a perfect time to adopt a fresh, sunny outlook for the spring ahead. We’ve noticed a similar attitude overhaul taking place in a new crop of cause efforts. Instead of focusing on the seriousness of issues, these programs are adjusting the tone of conversations to something a bit more light-hearted to motivate more people to get engaged.

Kotex, as part of its humorous new brand campaign for “U by Kotex,” has teamed up with Girls for a Change to “empower and educate young women to become agents of social change.” The campaign encourages “real talk” about vaginal health and provides ways for girls to learn, interact and share online. Visitors to the brand Web site can sign a “Declaration of Real Talk,” sparking a $1 donation to Girls for a Change with every submission. The site is colorful and youthful – a fresh approach to a discussion that has longed for a makeover.

New fundraising site Crowdwise.com takes a similarly cheeky tone. Its tagline perfectly illustrates its brand personality: “If you don’t give back, no one will like you.” Created by actor Edward Norton, the site offers people a free way to create fundraising pages that can easily be shared through existing social networks. Users are incentivized to raise money by winning points and prizes along the way. With a wry humor sure to attract any do-good teeny-bopper, the added presence of several celebrity projects may help put site traffic into overdrive.

These programs illustrate that a new approach to cause does not always require a new issue or a new audience. By changing the tone of a dialogue or creating new ways of connecting and sharing, people will be reenergized and inspired to make a change. Fostering a positive attitude is one little thing that can make a world of difference.


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