A Proactive Hurricane Season?

‘Tis the season for major storms and Ana, Bill, Claudette and Danny have already joined the festivities. Although it’s said that hurricanes are arriving fashionably late this year, there is still an active forecast ahead, and The American Red Cross is encouraging the public to be proactive. Its new campaign, “Do More than Cross Your Fingers,” focuses on disaster preparedness and is using a multi-channel approach to urge consumers to develop an emergency kit and plan. It features an online resource center, offline media outreach, celebrity spokesperson Jamie Lee Curtis, corporate partnerships with Clorox and FedEx and an online store where consumers can purchase emergency kit items.

As the hurricane season carries on, consumers may not only be thinking about their own emergency plans, but also how they can help others in the event tragedy strikes. To aid fellow citizens in the aftermath of natural disasters, consumers will seek to donate time, money and goods to organizations addressing domestic needs. One of the biggest motivators for consumers when choosing a cause or organization to support is the assurance that their contributions can have a direct and significant impact on the issue, and it’s easy to see these results when it’s in our own communities or on the local news. For this reason, it is no surprise that the domestic social needs sector was found to be the most valuable in The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100.

However, it’s important to remember that natural disasters require more than reactive support after a storm hits, as there is often long-term rebuilding necessary for full recovery. By proactively partnering with service organizations that provide relief for and recovery from national disasters that are close to home, companies can position their brands in a relevant way around an issue that resonates with all Americans.

Check out Cone’s guidelines for how companies can most effectively support disaster relief efforts.


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