Brand Power Essential: Say What You Do

Want to build a brand relevant to your supporters? Then say what you do in a crisp and clear way.

The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100 found that organizations who clearly state their issue focus in their brand names are perceived by consumers as more familiar and personally relevant. For example, the National Cancer Coalition captured higher consumer relevancy ratings than organizations whose names were more ambiguous. Clever or creative branding is good, but clarity makes communication easy - donors, volunteers, clients and potential advocates can easily understand who you are and what you stand for.

Another brand element to consider: your organization or program tagline. Does it support the mission of your organization? Does it say what you do? To explore this topic, nonprofits and foundations of all sizes can enter their taglines in the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards. Visit Nancy Schwartz’s blog for more details about the friendly competition and to submit an entry.


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