Business Model Evolution: Enterprise Rent-A-Car Tackles The Car Fleet Conundrum

As corporations increasingly integrate CSR as a critical business strategy, they often uncover opportunities to evolve their core competencies while on their journey to become more sustainable. One car rental company has decided to tackle sustainability head-on, broadening its service offerings to appeal to environmentally conscious corporate customers.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car recently partnered with Energy Saving Trust to launch a new program in the U.K. helping corporate clients improve environmental sustainability within their own rental car fleets. The suite of free consultancy services seeks to provide clarity around a range of sustainable transportation options for companies. "We know companies want help with car fleets and mobility, but they don't always know where to turn," said Andrew Benfield, head of transport services at the Energy Saving Trust. Services will include carbon footprint calculations, fuel management systems and mileage reduction strategies. Enterprise will also work with clients to see if plug-in or electric fleets are viable options through a "whole life cost analysis" and current-car model comparison.

Enterprise joins the ranks of BMW and others who are thinking carefully about how sustainability may change business models moving forward. As Enterprise's clients begin to look at the environmental impact of their own business travel, the rental giant is ready with a set of environmental consultancy services and variety of fleet options, including hybrid and plug-in models. In this way, Enterprise has begun to evolve its core competencies to garner environmental, reputational and even monetary return.

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