Cancer Isn't Funny, But Mustaches Are

Today, the Cause Marketing Forum held a teleseminar that featured Movember, a campaign to raise awareness about men’s health issues – specifically prostate and testicular cancer.

The signature component of the campaign is the “Mo” – a.k.a. mustache – that participants grow during the month of November to raise awareness and funds for the cause. This fun and humorous campaign considers the Mo its cause ribbon, setting it apart from the pink ribbon which has become a popular symbol for women’s cancer awareness.

Originating in Australia, Movember has since expanded to a global movement with initiatives in New Zealand, the U.K., Canada, the U.S. and Ireland. To date, the campaign has raised $47 million to fund research, support programs and awareness campaigns that improve that state of men’s health.

Why is this campaign so successful?

  • Community: The approach and issue resonate well with the target group, young men, and rallies them around a common cause.
  • Partnerships: The products and values of the program’s partners align closely with its objectives, helping to reach participants more effectively.
  • Innovative Approach: Movember’s online strategy is at the core of the program, which helps drive word-of-mouth.
  • Local Appeal: A grassroots movement that enables participants to launch local initiatives.
  • Humor: Each “Mo Bro” that participates serves as a walking billboard for the cause, literally “Changing the Face of Men’s Health.”
  • Emotion: Despite the humor, there are captivating stories that are shared among the community of participants, many whose lives have been affected by prostate cancer.
  • Measurable: Organizers have tracked behavior change among its participants and the campaign has been recognized for driving three vaccine research programs that otherwise would not have funding.

Yet another example of a “Cause Lite” campaign, Movember has made fighting cancer fun and appealing to men around the globe. For more information about Movember, visit its Web site.


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