Nonprofit Marketing

WWF Exposes Ivory Trade Loopholes Using Fictitious Online Store

From limited edition logo swaps to Tinder profiles made for endangered monkeys, many organizations have interjected their wildlife conservation messages into the everyday lives of consumers in an effort to bring the topic to the forefront. Recently, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) pulled off its own stunt to raise awareness about the ivory trade in Singapore and the loopholes that make it possible.

UNICEF Stops Traffic to Campaign for Children in Conflict Zones

Stunts have long been in marketers’ playbooks as a way to grab consumers’ attention and highlight a specific product or service.  Recently however, we’ve seen an influx of cause-related stunts– from 2 Chainz’s pink Trap House to KIND’s giant pile of sugar in downtown New York City. This week, New Yorkers witnessed a stunt, which took advantage of the large city stage and a particular moment in time, bringing an underrepresented issue to light and sparking conversation with a broad audience.

Driving Donations and Awareness through Emotional Storytelling

Emotional storytelling can be a powerful tool to tell a story, especially when it comes to causes that resonate with the human experience. Sharing stories like these with consumers and the media can prove to be a challenge – it’s a cluttered space with endless content being shared across various channels, from social media to online to print. Breaking through can be difficult, but once you bring together the right assets, a compelling call to action, and consistently keep the cause at the forefront, your news will spread through the internet faster than you can say “feel good story.”