Charmin Is There, When You've Gotta Go

Anyone who’s ever heard, “Mom, I gotta go,” knows that Charmin’s sponsorship of is touching lives and improving life. But I must admit it may not be as meaningful a way as P&G does with Live, Learn and Thrive and its Children’s Safe Drinking Water program. Whether you prefer your Charmin strong or just soft, it sure is getting attention! The level of interest waged by this sponsorship shows how sometimes a little bit of levity can bring a lot of positive attention. This online application is certainly bringing Charmin top of mind at this very human moment of truth.

Now, if we could only link the brand to a worthwhile cause…something that fits with their equity…hmmm…what about helping prevent diarrhea…seriously…diarrhea from contaminated drinking water is a leading cause of death among the developing world’s children. If we could tie the two, Charmin and helping children in need live without diarrhea by drinking clean water, while also helping your children find a place to sit or squat -- now that could be a winning proposition. is not perfect though. When I put in my own zip code, the only public loo was posted as Scotty’s Service Station, but the location it pointed to was my friend Patty’s home on the end of a dead end street! Patty has a great loo, but don’t go knocking on her door asking to sit or squat!

Alana Schmitt Burns, Former Vice President


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