Climate Week Spurs Action from Companies, Governments and Investors

This week, "the world's largest gathering ever on climate change” united politicians, activists, investors, business executives and nonprofit leaders in a rally to address our warming planet. The original goal of the U.N. Climate Summit was to create momentum leading up to the 2015 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris. What transpired was a week-long climate rally, going far beyond most expectations. Many organizations took this moment in time as an opportunity to make major, game-changing commitments:

These commitments and urgent calls for action were delivered by some of the most influential individuals in society, with President Obama, U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim presenting a united front. Their presence was coupled with the 300,000 people who took to the streets on Sunday as part of the People's Climate March and the unique collection of business, governments and NGOs around a shared purpose to change. The result of this week's events was significant as new players became vocal advocates and bold goals were announced, perhaps signaling a turning point in progress. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at Climate Week, taking a stronger stance than ever before on climate action, stating, "From our point of view, the time for inaction has passed.”

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