Companies Go Back To Cause Basics

Tide may be going back to cause marketing basics, but it has also upped the ante considerably for consumer packaged goods cause promotions in the grocery aisle. The detergent brand recently announced that, at least for a limited time, it will give its bottle a complete overhaul, including a special yellow cap and imagery to support its cause marketing program, “Loads of Hope.” This is the most radical change to its packaging in its 60-year history, and it is the next evolution in Tide’s cause marketing program which helps families affected by natural disasters.


Cause marketing efforts are proliferating online, but it is nice to see that on-pack and in-store messaging has not lost its luster. It is a proven way for companies to connect to consumers at point-of-sale and to reward them with an effective dual benefit: a do-good feeling even as they shop for everyday staples.

Other cause marketing fundamentals that are resonating as consumers weather today’s tough economic climate:

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