Cone Releases the Nonprofit Power Brand 100

  • The YMCA of the USA’s brand is worth almost $6.4 billion, making it the nation’s most valuable nonprofit brand.
  • The American Cancer Society is the single most relevant nonprofit among American consumers.
  • The domestic social needs sector is the most valuable nonprofit sector in the nation.
  • Yet, by not fully leveraging their powerful brands, some nonprofit organizations may be leaving millions of dollars in potential unearned revenue on the table.

Intrigued? Then check out Cone’s latest research – The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100 – released today. In collaboration with Intangible Business, Cone valued the brands of some of America’s leading social, environmental and animal organizations. We’re excited to share with you this first-of-its-kind research that explores the unique relationship between nonprofit brand image and financial performance, which culminates in the nation’s first complete list of the top 100 nonprofit brands.

On the Cone Research and Insights page, we share the complete list and accompanying report, as well as much more, including insightful commentary from the CEOs and executives of many of the Top 10 organizations (for a sneak peak at the Top 10 list, see below).

We’ll discuss the research in greater detail right here in the coming days, but first we encourage you to take a look. Feel free to share your thoughts with us here – we’re looking forward to a robust discussion around nonprofit brand value.