Cone Celebrates Earth Day


Today, highlights the activities many companies are undertaking to celebrate Earth Day internally. The activities, according to the post, fall into one or more of four major categories: on-site events, creating or acknowledging “green teams,” awarding and recognizing achievements and engaging in community service efforts.

At Cone, we’re pleased to report that we’re engaging in all four.

Today, we implemented a company-wide IT policy that insists all computers and monitors are turned off at the end of each workday and on the weekends (we estimate that this small measure will help save both energy and thousands of dollars each year). We’ve acknowledged those employees who are already practicing this and left friendly reminders for those who need an extra push. In addition, we expanded our existing recycling program to include an array of new plastics, metal and glass, and we will cap the day off with a fun trivia game to raise awareness about the history of Earth Day and reducing personal energy use.

Thursday, several of Cone’s employees will continue the efforts by attending an afternoon of tree planting at a local farm using their Hours for Good (Cone’s paid time off to volunteer). These efforts are all credited to the ongoing work of the company’s Green Team which formed in 2005 to help guide Cone along the environmental responsibility journey.

We believe these efforts are a step in the right direction, but there is always more to do. Earth Day provides an opportunity to energize employees in the collaborative pursuit of environmental responsibility. But certainly, what we preach on Earth Day should be what we practice every other day. Consumers and other stakeholders expect it, and the environment demands it.


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