Status Update: Facebook Promotes Organ Donation

For years, the Department of Motor Vehicles has inquired whether we'd like to be an organ donor, but Facebook has posed a more direct question: Are you?

Dr. Andrew M. Cameron, the surgical director of liver transplantation at Johns Hopkins Hospital, explained, "This is going to be an historic day in transplant. The math will radically change, and we may well eliminate the problem." In fact, motor vehicle registries have already seen the effect of the announcement, with more than 6,000 individuals enrolling as donors through 22 state registries on Tuesday alone, a number which usually only hits around 400 per day.

Facebook may ultimately change the trajectory of organ donation, bringing an issue once relegated to a checkbox on a DMV form to the public forum – something that can be discussed, shared and supported on a wide scale. And, Facebook is eager to show peer pressure isn't necessarily a bad thing when lives are at stake. With 114,000 people currently waiting for organ transplants, the company hopes a status update might help save a life.

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