Go Red Or Go Home

The country is awash in red today as millions support the fight against heart disease by uniting for National Wear Red Day. This icon day is a cornerstone event of the American Heart Association’s (Cone client) year-round Go Red For Women initiative and has helped raise millions of dollars - and supporters - for the cause.

The Cone team goes red for National Wear Red Day 2010

The Cone team goes red for National Wear Red Day 2010

Go Red For Women has transformed the issue of heart disease - the number one killer of women in America – to be more approachable and engaging through a multi-faceted program. Today’s sweeping support of National Wear Red Day on TV, in the news, on the Internet and in the workplace is evidence of the immense passion supporters have for this cause.

Its ability to capture the hearts and attention of the public makes it no surprise that the American Heart Association (AHA) came out as one of the top nonprofits on The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100. The organization serves as a beacon for others in its ability to engage the public and create an army of supporters for the cause. Here are just a few of the reasons the AHA resonates with the public:

Strong corporate partnerships – Macy’s, Merck, Campbell’s and Jiffy Lube (Cone client), among others, are supporters of the Go Red For Women campaign, offering additional resources to help drive awareness of the cause.

Celebrity endorsement – Actress Jennie Garth joined the Go Red movement as a celebrity spokesperson for 2010, helping drive additional attention to the issue. Past spokespersons have included Marie Osmond and Andie MacDowell, who continue to engage in and drive awareness of the cause.

Iconic color – The AHA has created a movement around the color red and the red dress, establishing it as a symbol for the fight against heart disease.

Multi-channel engagement – Go Red For Women has penetrated the communications landscape, with messaging for the cause in print and broadcast channels, through social media, in the workplace and even on mobile phones.

Brand ambassadors – Go Red For Women owes its success to the millions of passionate supporters who rally for the cause by fundraising, advocating and educating others about the disease.

All of these, and more, contributed to the AHA Go Red For Women's honor as one of the top Public Relations Campaigns of the Decade by the Holmes Report. To learn more about Go Red For Women or National Wear Red Day, visit www.goredforwomen.org.


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