How Far Is Kansas City From Mongolia? One Tweet

Twitter. It’s revolutionary and paradigm-shifting. But, what exactly is it? It’s a little bit Facebook status update, a little bit AOL Instant Messager, a little bit LinkedIn and a little bit RSS feed. Ask a thousand different people what Twitter is, and you will get a thousand different answers.

For the family of 10-year-old Anand of Mongolia, Twitter was an answer to its prayers. After being severely burned by fireworks, Anand and his mom traveled thousands of miles from home to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO to seek treatment. The rest of his family couldn’t afford to make the trip, but what was already a trying time back in Mongolia was made a little easier through Twitter. From across the globe, the family followed along as hospital staff tweeted real-time updates from the operating room giving Anand’s family a way to stay connected from afar.

So, Twitter. Revolutionary, paradigm-shifting and making the world a smaller place. Maybe the genius of Twitter is that it truly can be all things to all people. For some, it’s a professional development tool, and for others it’s a news feed. But for Anand’s family it was a little piece of mind during a difficult ordeal.

How will you use Twitter today?


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