Thinking Inside The Box

To reduce the environmental impact of one of its laptops, HP is thinking inside the box. In a thoughtful approach to getting its product both into stores and home to consumers, the computer company is wrapping a line of its PCs in the HP Protect Messenger Bag, made from 100 percent recycled materials, before shipping to retail stores, thereby eliminating product packaging by 97 percent. 

But the positive impact does not end there. The laptops will be both displayed and sold in the messenger bags, eliminating the need for additional boxes or shopping bags and allowing consumers to tote their new product and accessories home in earth-friendly style. To complete the product lifecycle, the Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations where the product is sold will offer free recycling of the old computers when the new laptop is purchased.  

According to Cone’s 2007 Consumer Environmental Survey, when it comes to ways Americans want companies to help preserve the environment, minimizing product packaging is key. In fact, 69 percent of Americans said designing products with more environmentally-friendly contents and minimal packaging was important.  Their other environmental expectations include: 

  • Reduce pollution through office and manufacturing operations - 71% 
  • Design products/packaging with more environmentally friendly contents and minimal packaging - 69% 
  • Distribute and transport products more efficiently - 69% 
  • Communicate environmental efforts to consumers and employees so each group can support thoseefforts- 62% 
  • Donate money/services to support environmental causes - 59% 
  • Lobby for environmentally-friendly policies - 57%


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