Humanity - The Power Of Authentic Stories

The human story that's on top of the world right now is Michael Phelps.

Now you ask, what does commentary of Michael Phelps have to do with a cause and social issues blog? A lot. When the USA needs to express its power in a human way, you couldn't have a better ambassador than Michael. He serves as a supreme example of how great an athlete can be, swirled with deep humility, boyish charm and thankfulness.

Michael and his 'epic' results have touched our hearts throughout the world. His cause is about the power of the human spirit, the love of a parent, the supreme focus of an athlete intent on winning, of barriers between countries broken, and for a short period, a world at its best. Yet he shares the glory with his teammates, handles the tsunami of accolades with grace and makes us proud to be Americans.

He sleeps, he eats (the amazing 12,000 calories) and he swims.  His focus is legendary and his results glimmering gold.

As NBC reported: "The stakes for the truly great are different." Michael achieved what may be the greatest victory in Olympic history forever. His future is vast. And based on his performance outside the pool, the United States and the world will gain as much gold, even perhaps more, from this supremely hard working, genuine young man. We need more heroes like Michael.

I cannot finish this without mentioning Dara Torres. While Michael's luck sat on the micro edge of the fraction of a second, Dara's did not.  Yet she embraced her silver with grace and shared this message with the world:  'Don't put an age limit on your dreams.'

Thanks to Michael and Dara. Your "performances" add to our humanity.



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