Leesa (Or Insert Your Name Here) Powered

I have lived in the city for years, and for years getting around this joint has never been pleasant. It’s just something you have to deal with. Whether it is the increase in train fares, the parking tickets, a place to put your car, the traffic or the price of gas, navigating you way around any metropolitan area never goes into the pro column of “reasons to live and work in a city.” But a few years ago, all that changed.

Even though I only lived five miles from work, it was taking me over an hour to get there and I was in search of a better way. A co-worker of mine was riding her bike to the train every day, and I thought that was great idea. So I started riding as well. But since I was already packed and ready to go on the bike, l just started riding all the way into work instead of just to the train. I am pretty sure it is one of the best choices I made since not only am I saving a ton of time and money because riding a bike is cheaper (free) and faster than taking the train, I am reducing my carbon footprint. So now my commute is 100% Leesa powered.

There is a bike for every skill level . From an easy-to-ride mountain bike to a fixed gear with no breaks, you can find a bike that works best for your skill level. At first it was a bit tricky to ride with traffic since, where I grew up, you rode on the sidewalk. But once you get used to that, you are all set. Don’t like the way a big clunky bike helmet looks on your head? There are assortments of cool skate and snowboard helmets to help keep you looking hip, keeping you safe and warm in the wintertime while you ride.

It seems to be catching on. There has been a surge in folks riding to work, and many companies are now rewarding their pedi-pedestrians with some great benefits , from money toward bike purchases and repairs to a safe, covered storage facility for employee bicycles.

On top of all that, bike riding is a multi-taskers dream. I ride a total of 10-12 miles a day, which means I get my workout in while I am pedaling to and from work. Biking can be low to high impact. Ride in leisurely and enjoy the view some days or really push it and give yourself a high-impact workout on other days. I burn anywhere from 300-700 calories a day biking to work. The best part is it fits right into my day; I don’t have to plan or rush to the gym after work.

Biking is hip . Back in the day, bike riding around where I grew up was reserved for kids or people doing it for pure sport. There was really nothing cool about it. Since then, biking has had a makeover, and now it’s hip. And why wouldn’t it be... With concerns about the environment being one of the hot issues in this election, the bad economy and the gas prices, people are looking for ways to help mother nature and to keep money in their pockets. Plus biking is just easy. You show up, you lock your bike, and you are on your merry little way. No more waiting for the train! No more circling around Harvard Square for an hour waiting for that open metered space!! No more paying over 20 bucks to park somewhere!!! And you are bettering your health and the environment all at once. You can’t go wrong with it. Personally, I think bike messengers are like the cowboys, and America loves its cowboys . Ride a bike not a (gas) hog. 

-Lisa (Leesa) Coyne, Former Cone Communications Designer


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