Nonprofit Taglines Enghace Brand Power

Last week, 13 winners of the 2009 Getting Attention Nonprofit Tagline Awards were announced, giving due credit to this often-overlooked but powerful marketing element.

Over 4,800 nonprofit professionals voted for taglines that best delivered the vision and mission of the organization, putting power in the hands of practitioners who live and breathe nonprofit branding. Winners spanned a range of issues and represented organizations that focus on local, national and international causes, indicating that any nonprofit can benefit from a clearly communicated brand.

A theme among the winners is a clear connection to the organization’s mission. Essentially, the winners followed the simple yet often disregarded best practice of “say what you do.” In fact, Cone’s research showed nonprofits who clearly state their issue focus in their brand names reaped the benefit of stronger consumer relevance – a key component to strong reputation. For more tips on how to foster a strong nonprofit brand, check out the "10 Essentials for Enhancing Brand Power," part of The 2009 Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100 report.

For the full list of tagline winners, check out the Getting Attention blog.


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