Resilient "Green Purchasing" – But Why?

Business and consumer news could hardly be more grim, but corporate environmental efforts seem to be coming through relatively unscathed. Companies are maintaining their investments and consumers continue to buy.

So why is “green purchasing” proving so resilient?

Three driving forces:

  • Small Change – Companies are providing easy, cost-effective opportunities for consumers to make a difference through everyday purchases and activities (e.g, Marriott’s “Celestial Seasonings Trees for the Future” and the ongoing success of Clorox Green Works).

  • True Value – Consumers evaluate much more than price when determining a product’s “value.”
  • EcO-bama – The Obama administration’s continued attention to environmental policies and green stimulus spending have brought complex environmental issues into living rooms across America. also lists 12 of its own eco-trends fueling today’s “eco-bounty” in its latest trends report, but we want to know what you think. Why does consumer environmental purchasing continue to grow despite the economy? Vote in our poll, located on the blog sidebar, and share your thoughts on what is motivating consumers to shop with the environment in mind even as they pinch pennies.


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