Sprint Pushes Ecoenvelope to Solve for Customer Apathy

What does a company do if its consumers are not as "green" as it would like them to be? This was the question Sprint faced when, in spite of its paperless billing program, close to 70 percent of its customer base continued to opt for paper statements. With a paperless adoption rate of only three-to-four percent a year, Sprint decided it needed to push the envelope to reduce waste and save money.

To meet consumers halfway, Triple Pundit reports Sprint launched the new ecoEnvelope, a "2-in-1" solution that cuts down paper by allowing consumers to tear off a tab, remove the bill and then keep the remaining envelope to resend their payment. The new envelope effectively eliminates the inner remittance envelope traditionally included with direct mail bills. Over the course of a year, this innovation will save almost 450 tons of paper, which should translate into more than half a million dollars in cash savings for Sprint.

Effective corporate responsibility lies not just in the intention, but the action. Sprint recognized that it needed a new solution to minimize paper use – the ecoEnvelope is perhaps not the most dramatic move, but one that is most likely to make an impact for consumers who are not ready to make the more environmentally responsible choice on their own.

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