Celebrity Entertainment Marketing

Harnessing Digital to Motivate for action/2015

Leading up to this year's UN General Assembly in September and UN Climate Change Conference in December, action/2015 has made a goal to ensure leaders set and fund ambitious goals to tackle some of the world's most pressing issues. To do this, the coalition of more than 1,600 organizations looks to amplify its voice by harnessing the power of both digital and celebrities to motivate the masses to action.

Brands need to leverage TV viewing’s shift to tablets and phones

According to a study by Nielsen, the amount of time Americans spend watching television is on the decline, but viewing actually is growing as people use tablets and smartphones. Partly as a result of this research, Nielson predicts the rise of what they call the “Zero-TV” household.

Chipotle Wins Big at the Grammy's

Where this year's Super Bowl lacked in issue-focused ads, a spot from Chipotle made up for it just a week later at the GRAMMY Awards. The two-minute ad, originally released online and in movie theatres, featured a Willie Nelson cover of a Coldplay song, and although it aired during a commercial break, it left many saying it was the best musical performance of the evening.

Causes and Celebrities - 'Til Death Do Us Part?

Fifteen minutes might be the average celebrity lifespan in our reality TV world, but successful celebrity-cause partnerships require something more long lasting. Articles this week in both Fast Company and on Mashable discussed some of the pros and cons of involving a celebrity in your cause, but both touched on a common thread: long-term relationships are a key to success.

Best Practices For Celebrity Engagement With A Cause

Brands – and, increasingly, causes – have been tapping celebrity supporters for years, and it’s become a tried-and-true promotional tactic. But it’s important for organizations to understand what they’ll be getting – and not getting – when they bring a celebrity on board. The “ripped from the headlines” best practices below can help guide cause-celebrity relationships in today’s environment.

Cause Marketing With Celebrities

New research out this week surveyed marketers to explore the roles of celebrities in cause-marketing efforts, and the findings indicate that while these spokespeople often help raise awareness of a cause, they are not particularly effective in inspiring people to act. According to survey, the majority of respondents (about 58%) indicate a celeb’s tie to a cause may motivate them to look into the cause, but not necessarily become involved. Cone’s own consumer research found that Americans cite celebrity involvement as one of the least effective communication tools for nonprofits to reach them–specifically, it ranked No. 9 on a list of 10 (falling well behind such preferred methods as word-of-mouth and media coverage). And, only 15 percent of Americans said celebrities are likely to influence their decision to support a cause or charity.