Target's "Made to Matter" Brings Responsible Shopping to the Masses

Over the last few months, there has been an explosion of fashion and retail brands responding to the growing expectation of consumers seeking responsible shopping options. Collections with a conscious are hitting shelves across the nation, with brands like H&M, Levis and Nordstrom providing consumers with an alternative shopping experience. Now, Target is joining the trend with the nationwide debut of its “Made to Matter” collection.

The “Made to Matter” line, announced in April and launched nationwide last week, brings together 15 brands with social or environmental missions in one collection curated by Target. The line seeks to capitalize on the 15-20% sales growth rate of natural, organic and sustainable products at the chain, according to Forbes. Items from brands like Burt’s Bees, Method, Clif Bar, among others, can be found throughout the store and on special collection displays. Those who prefer to shop online can browse under the pillars of “Made to Care Gently,” “Made Real &Tasty,” “Made to Live Clean” and “Made for Natural Beauty.” To get consumers excited about the new collection and also to help educate about the brands, Target partnered with four bloggers to tell stories of product experiences, give recipes and tips and explain why they care about purchasing products with social or environmental benefits. Target states this is only the beginning of the collection, and consumers can expect more than 120 new products to join the growing list of offerings.

Target, a major retailer with nearly 1,800 stores in the U.S., has the potential to make a huge impact on the way consumers shop with the new “Made to Matter” collection. Through incorporating sustainable and social product offerings throughout the shopping experience, consumers no longer have to go out of their way to boutique shops or special online stores to be able to shop with a conscious. And with the backing of a major retailer, these social good brands can expand, innovate and enjoy the benefits of prime-time support.

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