What is your answer to the 'Davos Question'?

What one thing do you think that countries, companies or individuals must do to make the world a better place in 2008?

That’s the “Davos Question,” and it was posed to the general public this year by the organizers of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting, which wrapped up this week in Davos, Switzerland. Through collaboration with YouTube, anyone was able to submit a video response to the question, and then vote on other submissions.  Top choices were shown throughout the sessions of the meeting, whose attendees included the Secretary General of the UN, Bono and Bill Gates, as well as CEOs of major corporations around the world. Responses were also posted on YouTube’s “Davos Question” site alongside answers from world leaders and celebrities such as Shimon Peres, President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and cellist Yo Yo Ma.  Hundreds of answers to the Davos Question were posted on YouTube throughout January, and suggestions ranged from providing free universal Wi-Fi, to empowering consumers with more detailed product labels, to throwing a huge party that everyone in the world could attend. 

This year, Davos showed that social change doesn’t have to be about those who have power working in isolation to help those who do not. Thanks to the Internet, often touted as “the great equalizer” of our time, it can be a fluid conversation in which everyone has a voice. And, in case you were curious, here’s Bono’s answer to the Davos Question: “Prove that we can keep the promises we’ve already made and keep working to fight extreme poverty so we can meet the Millennium Development Goals.”

Now, what’s yours?

What do you stand for? Please respond here or post your video response at http://www.youtube.com/davos .

-Leah Gutstadt, Former Assistant Accountant Executive, Cause Branding