Walmart and Target Join Forces for a More Sustainable Beauty Aisle

In our 2013 CSR trends round up, we commented on companies turning to unlikely partners to solve complex CSR issues, including Nike's partnership with NASA, the U.S. State Department and USAID. Now, the power of unexpected alliances reemerges, this time in a collaboration between two of America's biggest retailers – who just happen to be direct competitors.



Americans celebrated our nation this month with flags, parades and fireworks, but companies are showing their American pride in a slightly different way. The business trend over the past 20 years may have been focused on globalization and our increasingly connected world, but some companies have decided to concentrate on efforts a little closer to home.

Southwest Airlines' Project Luvseat Marries Sustainability and Social Impact

Companies are continually pressed to innovate products and services to address environmental concerns and many organizations, like Nike and Ford, are thinking outside the box to create materials that pave the way for a leaner and more efficient future. However, oftentimes a sustainable innovation can create some very unsustainable byproducts – and it's up to companies to create solutions that benefit both business and society.

The New Age Of Activism

While recently watching “Orange Is the New Black,” it occurred to me that activism is back en vogue. In this particular episode, an inmate stages a hunger strike to get better treatment for her fellow inmates. But her message is unfocused and her true motivation is unclear. Of course, she goes about it all wrong, and, in the end, it means nothing. 

Serious Buzz About Bees

Think twice before swatting that bee at your Fourth of July barbeque –bees are in trouble and they're getting some big-hitting supporters behind the cause. Colony Collapse Disorder, a serious problem threatening honey bees, is making headlines again this week with a number of new announcements around the issue.

#WhyCSR at Sustainable Brands: Proof Points for Corporate Social Responsibility

This week at the Sustainable Brands in San Diego, companies from all over the country gathered to talk about CSR. The conference was filled with leaders from some of the most respected companies in the world, a slew of socially conscious start-ups and representatives from NGOs working throughout the globe.

Perceptions, Millennials and CSR: How to Engage the New Leaders of Tomorrow

With graduation season well underway, thousands of Millennials* are getting ready to enter the workforce, diplomas and ideals in hand. Numbering more than 80 million Americans, they are the largest cohort the U.S. has ever seen. And they are the first generation to grow up alongside corporate social responsibility (CSR) – in fact, a large majority have never known a world without cause marketing and CSR reports.

Elastigirl and Other Inspirations: Q&A with J&J’s Paulette Frank

Prove Your Purpose recently sat down with Paulette Frank, Johnson & Johnson's* vice president of sustainability and Cone's partner for the 2014 Recycling in the Home Survey, to learn more about the company's sustainability commitments, what inspired Care to Recycle and what Paulette considers her greatest achievement.

Turning Fashion #InsideOut to Raise Supply Chain Awareness

Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of the Bangladesh factory collapse, known as the deadliest disaster in the history of the garment industry and although Prove Your Purpose has tracked a number of company initiatives to improve supply chain standards over the past 12 months, there's still more work to be done.