Cause Marketing

What’s Trending in Back-to-School Cause Marketing

Parents, teachers and communities are going to great lengths to increase attendance and create a vibrant learning environment for kids heading back to the classroom, from a 4th-grade teacher's viral "welcome back" rap video, to an Arizona mayor going door-to-door to urge high school dropouts to re-enroll. And companies are joining in as well, lending their unique tools and assets to help kids grow and learn both in and outside of school.

Naked Juice Fights Food Deserts with Food Selfies

In one day, the world takes more than one million selfies, the average Millennial spends one full hour of their week dedicated to taking selfies and a young adult will take more than 25,000 pictures of themselves in a lifetime. There's no doubt selfies have taken over the newsfeeds and lives of many young adults – but now, marketers are tapping this enthusiasm to educate, inspire and motivate young people on important issues.

The Body Shop Turns to Tinder for Cause Marketing

As we move firmly into the digital age, one of the tenets of marketing has become "meet consumers where they are," whether that's a phone, tablet, computer or smartwatch. And as marketers in the cause space get increasingly savvy, we're seeing innovative ways to integrate a company's social impact messages into consumers' everyday experiences, including a smart appliance that triggers a donation, harnessing emojis for fundraising and a fitness tracker just for kids with a cause tie.

Corporate Cause Frameworks

It will come as no surprise to corporate executives that “cause” has gone mainstream. We have seen evidence of this recently in our 2007 Cone Cause Evolution Survey, where a shocking 30 percent drop in “word of mouth communications about a product or company after hearing about a company's commitment to social issues” was reported.