Aaron Pickering

Senior Vice President

Strategic communications, meet corporate responsibility. Aaron knows what it takes for brands to effectively communicate with diverse stakeholders, articulate their vision, and build brand awareness. His approach? Telling compelling stories, cultivating media relationships and engaging stakeholders to launch strategic public relations campaigns that change minds and drive results. At Cone, Aaron brings more than a decade of experience working with Fortune500 companies and nonprofit organizations to spur positive change on critical issues such as legal aid, access to healthcare, human rights and environmental sustainability.

Aaron’s communications expertise and passion for corporate responsibility were cultivated over a number of years spent in Washington, DC, from lobbying on Capitol Hill to positioning executives as thought leaders. He has worked for the Fair Labor Association, which advises companies across sectors on how to improve labor conditions in their supply chains; and for Ceres, which works with global investors and companies to advance sustainable business practices. 

Aaron holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Public Relations from The George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management, where he now serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor specializing in crisis and issues management, media relations, and corporate sustainability communications. Mostly, though, Aaron is getting used to having a newborn call all of the shots!


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